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4 October
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humm...I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. Okay i'm 15 i'm in the 11th grade at Astronaut. I have my lip, my eyebrow, my tounge, my nose and my ears done. I have no tattoos, but i'm getting one soon. Uh, i'm really bad at these things. I play bass guitar and my friends and I are kinda in a garage band. I go to alot of concerts, basically as many as I can. I love to hang out with my friends and be away from my house. Uh, I listen to alot of punk bands and some rock bands. I'm in the process of going vegitarian its hard. My favorite candy is gummy bears. I love to take pictures, hopefully i'll take that up as a job, I also love cutting hair and doing make up so if you need a cut or want your face redone call me. I dye my hair alot, it's orangeish pink, black and blonde right now, but when I get some more money, thats gonna ghange. Oh and my other yahoo sn is ima_random_hero just thought I would let ya'll know that. Hmm I thats about it I think, I cant come up with anything else. So I guess i'll see ya in the pits.

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I adopted a cute lil' Scotty fetus
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